We are happy to inform that we are authorised dealer of excard in India. You can contact us at any time to clarify your queries regarding excard.

Excards are better than any mode in exness due to following factors:


Cards are denominated in your national currency. No need for a two-way conversion, which results in significant savings.


You can buy virtual cards from local Exness dealers, so the payment process is as simple as possible and the money gets into your account really fast.


EXCARD dealers undergo a rigorous selection process and their activities are monitored at every stage by exness team.


Making a deposit on your trading account

To make a deposit on your trading account using Excard, please follow these steps:

  1. In the main menu of your Personal Area, select “Deposit”.

  2. In the “Deposit” window choose “Excard (LOCAL PAYMENT)”.

  3. If you have not yet purchased a virtual card, please review the list of Exness agents working in your region and select an agent you would like to work with (following the "Excard dealers" link). The list of local agents is organized as a table containing each agent’s personal information (first and last name, contact information) and the available number of virtual cards, their face value in the local currency, and the dealer's commission. And our info is M.Mahesh Kumar and deposit commision is 5%.

    After choosing an agent, contact him or her by any available means using the information in the table. Agree on the number and face value of the virtual cards to be purchased and the payment method: in cash or by bank transfer. Please note: The agent must sell you an Excard at a price no higher than the face value of the card and only in the currency indicated on the card. When selling you cards, the agent must notify you of the card activation code: each card has a separate code.

    If you have already purchased your Excard virtual prepaid card from your local agent, enter its identification code (as advised by your agent) in the corresponding field on the right-hand side and click “Make a deposit”. After doing this, funds corresponding to the card's face value will be deposited in your trading account. The agent applies a deposit commission when funds are transferred to him or her. You can see the size of each agent's commission in your Personal Area ("Make Account Deposit," "Excard dealers").

  4. Once he has received payment for cards sold, the agent activates them and you can use it to make a deposit to your trading account, entering the code you received in the appropriate field and clicking “Make a deposit”.

Withdrawals from your trading account

To make a withdrawal from your trading account after making a deposit via local payment, please follow these steps:

  1. In the main menu of your Personal Area, select “Withdrawals”.

  2. In the "Withdraw" window in the "Other methods" section, select "Excard." Then enter the name of the bank, account number, and any other payment details. In the "Withdrawal Amount" field indicate the desired withdrawal amount. Then click "Next." The dealer applies a 2% withdrawal commission. And our info is M.Mahesh Kumar and withdrawal commision is 2%.

  3. In the "Confirm payment" window that appears, select the agent through which you want to withdraw funds, and enter the code you received. Then click "Confirm withdrawal."

  4. After the agent has accepted your instruction for making a withdrawal, a letter will be mailed to you notifying you of completion of the withdrawal. If you do not receive your money within 24 hours, please contact Exness client support immediately with an appropriate request.