Q: Do you give credits/loan to regular customer?
Ans: No. We don't give a single INR/dollar as credit/loan.

Q:How shall I believe you at first time?
Ans: You can do small transactions at first and then after you gain trust in us, you can do for bigger transfers as per your needs.

Q:My neteller acc is not fully verified. Still can we do transactions?
Ans: Strictly no. Acc should be fully verified.

Q: Why your rates are so high?
Ans: Its because we have more number of clients and so to manage demands, we provide bit high rates.

Q: In a day, How many transactions shall I do with you?
Ans: One transaction per day for a client. On a very needy basis, we shall do 2 transactions. Not more than that.

Q: I have Neteller & Skrill Account in INR. Shall we deal with you?
Ans: Yes, You can. But our account is usd.. If u transfer INR, I will get as usd. Rates are fixed as per in rate page. If you are ok with this, we shall do.

Q: Do I need to have a bank account with same bank for Cash Deposit to your bank account ?
Ans: No, it is not necessary for you to have a bank account with our bank. You can simply go to any bank branch in your city and deposit cash to our bank account.

Q: Do you accept net transfer payment to your bank account?
Ans: It is decided case to case basis, we may ask customer to submit the Photo ID proof, Utility Bill and the bank statement copy to us for net transfer payments.

Q: How Long it takes to complete the order ?
Ans: Most of the orders are Processed in 5-15 minutes , once the payment orders. If there are any technical issues like site down or net problem, it may take more time(5-6 hrs).

Q: Why ID & address proof are needed while registration?
Ans: We want to know with whom we are dealing with inorder to avoid scamming.

Q: How much amount do you transfer in one day?
Ans: It depends on fund availability , normally we can take 2000-3000$/ day.

Q: What do you do while online transfer? IMPS or NEFT?
Ans: We prefer NEFT as its 100% success. But as client prefers imps, we do imps most of the times. Incase of IMPS failure, client have to wait for 2 to 5 bank working days.

Q: How will you send the money to bank account? timeframe?
Ans: We always do instant transactions.

Q: Do You deal with foreign people?
Ans: We dont deal with foreign people. Only Within India we do. We have clients in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Surat, Visakhapatnam.